According to law (S.C. Code of Laws Title 59 Education, Chapter 1 SECTION 591425, school calendars must:
  • Have 190 days
  • Cover at least nine calendar months
  • Not start before the third Monday in August
  • Use 180 days for instruction
  • Use three days of collegial professional development
  • Use no more than two days from presentation of opening of schools (teacher work days)
  • Use the remaining five days for teacher planning, academic plans, and parent conferences.
In addition, districts must have three weather makeup days built into their academic calendars.  If there is severe weather and the district is forced to close school one day, the district must use one of its three built-in makeup days to make that day up.

If bad weather causes us to cancel school for more than three days, once the district uses all three makeup days, the board can vote (with a majority vote) to forgive up to three additional days.

Weather make up days for 2017-2018 are: March 12th, April 9th, and June 4th. 

Downloadable Calendars: