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         We are committed to providing our teachers with whatever assistance they may need to prepare our students for success.  Integrating technology into the curriculum isn't about devices or gadgets.....it's about transforming the learning environment, helping teachers guide students to a deeper understanding of the content, and providing a relevant and engaging atmosphere for student growth.

In short......integrating technology into our curriculum helps us be Champions for Children.

Understanding Technology Integration

While constructing units to increase the rigor in our classrooms, take a few moments to evaluate where your learning activities fall on the SAMR Model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition).  It was developed by Dr. Ruben Pentedura to help educators evaluate technology integration.

Strive to create units with learning activities a step higher than before.  Then go a little farther for your next unit and so on.  Technology should make instruction easier and be part of what you do...not something you have to add on making more work.  It should help students dig deeper and fill your units with those wonderful "Ah ha!" moments for your students.

Click here to access some helpful information about using the SAMR Model created by a teacher (page is not part of the Lexington Two website).  Contact your Instructional Technology Coach for help with any questions you may have.  They can also help you understand where your current learning activities may be on the SAMR Model and give you some great ideas for enhancing them.

Instructional Technology Coaches:

Elementary School

Rob Burggraaf
Instructional Technology Coach

Middle School

Janet Dedmon
District Instructional Technology Coach

High School

Bernie Adkins
Instructional Technology Coach