Curriculum Resources

Online Interactive Thinking Strategies and Tools - online graphic organizers for students
What Works Clearinghouse - resource to find effective, research-based instructional materials and practices
Learn Zillion - thousands of CCSS-aligned videos and lessons

Language Arts
  • BoomWriter - the teacher starts a story and students write their own chapters to add
  • Curriculet - free service allowing teachers to embed questions and media directly into digital books; allows teachers to align questions to CCSS and receive data about student growth and mastery
  • Go Go News - website where student-friendly news articles can be read or listened to
  • ReadWriteThink - online storehouse of lessons, interactive modules, and professional development videos
  • Scholastic Character Scrapbook - students draw what they think a character looks like and document noted character traits
  • Scholastic Story Starter - students choose genre, then spin wheels to generate a story starter
  • StoryBoard That - tool for planning and creating stories online; finished project can be imported into online video editor for students to add narration
  • Teaching Kids News - articles also include discussion questions, prompts, and vocabulary words
  • Website list for ELA CCSS online resources
  • Youngzine - child-centered website focused on current events - students may submit articles or comment on published pieces

  • ARKive - collection of photos, video, and audio of rare and threatened species
  • Exploratorium - explores science and art with hundreds of webpages and activities
  • Garbology - interactive website that focuses on pollution and conservation
  • National Museum of Natural History - virtual field trip - tour the museum from your classroom
Social Studies
  • AirPano - 360-degree panoramas of sites around the world; can be used via computer or iPads
  • American History Interactives to introduce unit (Pearson)
  • Cartoons for the Classroom - online archive of political/editorial cartoons for classroom use
  • Cartoon Prints - American history and political cartoons from the Library of Congress
  • Digital Vaults - students can access and organize photos, documents, and other media from the National Archives to tell a story about our nation's history
  • DocsTeach - collection of over 3000 primary source historical documents from the National Archives
  • Dust Bowl Interactive - students choose their own adventure while learning about the Dust Bowl
  • GoSocialStudiesGo - online, interactive mini-textbooks about segments of history (both world and U.S.)
  • Great Depression interviews - digitized by Washington University
  • iCivics - resource-filled website founded by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner to teach kids about the branches of the government, separation of powers, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and more
  • Mission US - free, interactive games to teach U.S. history.  Three adventures currently, with more slated for release in 2014 and 2015.
  • Read Like a Historian - U.S. history lessons plans based on primary sources (Stanford University)
  • ReadWriteThink Timeline - available on the web and as an app, students can craft their own timelines.  Students can organize the events they deem noteworthy and add images to supplement their dates.
  • Spotlight on U.S. History videos (Glencoe)
  • TimeToast - quickly make interactive timelines online