Eye on District Tech Use

Congaree Elementary gave teachers and staff a DVD at the beginning of the year with all of the first day's PD videos

Colony Commercials

Here's a different take on the colony commercials, created by students in Ms. Tusang's class at Saluda River

Below, the kindergartners at Saluda River Arts Academy share their experiences from the State Fair

The first graders at Saluda River Arts Academy went on a Fall Walk and used the iPads to take photos of things they observed with their five senses.  We ended the day with over 1,000 photos and trimmed them down to the collection below.

The first graders at Springdale Elementary created the video below for their annual Apple Fair

Mrs. Jenkinson's fourth grade students at Springdale were "up close" with their weather topics as they presented their research thanks to the use of green screen technology and Photo Booth

Taylor Elementary students brainstormed and designed their own inventions, then created commercials encouraging people to buy their product.  See an example below:

Digital Flipbook - Rock Types
Ms. McLaurin's 3rd Grade Class


                                        Mr. Deaver's fourth         
                                        grade students at BC
                                        Grammar #1 created
                                        Animoto commercials
                                        to encourage settlers to
                                        come to the colonies


Educreations Retellings
Ms. Edwards' 3rd Grade

Fifth graders at various schools in the district made trading cards using Big Huge Labs to present information about inventors and inventions.  The students had "Trading Days" where they could exchange cards with one another and make a complete set.

Below, fifth graders from Congaree Elementary created Pioneer Comics as part of their annual Pioneer Day festivities

Below, fourth graders at Springdale used Pic Collage to share information about severe weather

 BC Grammar #1's Media Center page proudly displays a variety of digital projects produced by their students and can be found here.