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Listed below is information on upcoming workshops and courses which may be used towards professional development.  We have also provided several links to for websites that offer recertification courses for educators.  Please contact our office if we may be of any assistance.

 See our short Professional Development Video here.
Workshops and Courses
Enrolling in Lexington Two workshops:

1. Log in to My Learning Plan.  

2. Under "Activity Catalog," choose the "District Catalog" link in the left-hand menu.

3. Type in the title (or just the first word or two) of your desired workshop and click "Search" to view the description, date and time of the workshop.  If you do not know the title of the workshop, just click "Search" under "All Events." It will list all the workshops available. You can narrow down your search, by choosing SY2013-2014 Other, or PD Cohorts 2013-2014 (drop-down menu where "All Events" is showing) if you are looking for a cohort.

4. Once you choose your workshop (click on the title), you can enroll from that page by clicking on the "sign up now" link.  

Enroll in as many as you wish to participate! If you do not have a 'My Learning Plan' login, please contact Claudia Boyd at 739-4029.


PD Cohort Facilitator Resources and Training website

Meet our Staff  
   Morgan Platt                          739-4038
   Director of Testing, Research, Accountability and
   Professional Development
   Claudia Boyd                         739-4029 
   Executive Assistant 

Click here for information on available grants for your school/classroom along with grant application information.

Professional Development Links:

Grand Canyon University - online courses and degree programs through
distance learning
University of Phoenix - online courses for educators

University of North Carolina Wilmington - online continuing education courses