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Testing, Research and Accountability

Claudia Boyd: Executive Support
Throughout the year, the Office of Testing, Research & Accountability provides knowledge and support that will strengthen decision-making of the Superintendent, the School Board, and district and school-based administrators.  The office ensures the integrity of all data collection activities, and identifies methods and strategies that assist and support student learning through research and program evaluation. The Office gathers and analyzes data, providing crucial information on student performance and issues of educational quality in Lexington School District Two.
Information provided by the Office allows decision makers to identify effective practices and programs for expansion in order to enhance student achievement. Our department supports and assists schools and district personnel by designing and implementing programs of research, evaluation, and accountability related to the on-going development of instructional and other student-related programs. Data and related interpretations are also provided with the intent to better inform data users in making data-driven decisions.
General departmental functions include evaluating programs, training for school-based and district-level leaders related to data analysis and program evaluation, facilitating processes to meet both internal and external accountability measures, as well as overseeing the district's testing program, providing research, and other supporting functions.