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Lexington Two Performing Arts Center (L2PAC)

Lexington School District Two is the proud home to a nearly 72,000-square-foot Performing Arts Center, located at 3205 Platt Springs Road in West Columbia. The culmination of a decade-long vision, this state-of-the-art facility, which opened May 1, 2024, welcomes students, educators, and the community at large to experience the transformative power of the arts.

While the primary mission of the Lexington Two Performing Arts Center (L2PAC) is for student and employee engagement and education, the Lexington Two Board of Trustees, Superintendent, and Executive Director of the L2PAC are excited to open the facility to commercial and non-commercial lessees when it is not in use by Lex2 students and/or staff, to offer a space for meetings, trade shows, featured speaker events, concerts, plays, and other occasions. Enjoy beautiful event spaces that are enhanced by state of the art sound, seating, and stage and technical equipment guaranteed to elevate your event.


The Performing Arts Center features a two-level balcony accommodating over 1,500 guests, a grand lobby downstairs and an additional lobby on the second floor overlooking the lower lobby. It boasts four meeting and event breakout spaces, including two that hold up to 300 people. The facility also features a full orchestra pit with a lift, a loading dock with easy access to the scene shop and stage, state-of-the-art stage lighting and sound systems, four dressing rooms and one large green room, concession areas, a catering kitchen, two large dividable multipurpose rooms, and 535 total parking spaces, including 17 handicap accessible spaces.

Please review the district’s policies regarding facilities rentals and use. 

Policy KFA Community Use of the Lexington Two Performing Arts Center

AR KFA-R Community Use of the Lexington Two Performing Arts Center

File KFA-E Lexington Two Performing Arts Center Facilities Rental Agreement

Policy KF Community Use of School and District Facilities

AR KF-R Community Use of School and District Facilities

The following information is an outline for requesting use of the L2PAC.  Please note that the process begins by contacting the L2PAC Executive Director.

  1. Potential renter meets with the Executive Director of L2PAC to determine which user group the potential renter qualifies for, then completes the L2PAC Rental Application.  A cost estimate is established and the requirement for evidence of liability insurance coverage (certificate of insurance) for the event to be submitted is discussed.
  2. Potential renters must sign off on the rental application and agree to the rules, procedures, and regulations for L2PAC use.
  3. A detailed usage fee estimate package is established that includes rental fees, personnel costs, utilities, and equipment rental costs based on the category that the user qualifies for.
  4. Once approved, the Executive Director confirms the event dates and secures the dates on the rental calendar.
  5. Recurring, ongoing, or long-term rental requests must receive additional approval from the L2PAC Executive Director.
  6. After final approval of the L2PAC facility rental, a completed L2PAC rental agreement must be signed by all parties.  Signatures are completed once all parties are in agreement with the terms of the rental agreement and Lexington Two board policies.
  7. Renters are required to provide a security deposit upon signing of the rental agreement.  The deposit will be credited toward the final invoice.  The security deposit will be refunded in full due to cancellation as long as the Executive Director is notified 10 business days prior to the event date(s). 
  8. The following completed and signed documents must be submitted to the L2PAC Executive Director no fewer than 10 business days prior to the scheduled rental date: all required applications, rental agreements, Certificates of Liability Insurance, and proof of 501(c)(3) when necessary.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in cancellation of any/all agreements and the facility rental.
  9. Additional charges incurred from exceeding agreed-upon rental times, needing additional equipment or personnel, or damaging the facility or its furnishings/equipment must be submitted within 10 business days after the event.

Insurance Coverage

All L2PAC users must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance:

  • Municipality agencies may submit a statement of self-insurance in place of a Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance must include the effective date of the policy and the date requested for rental must be covered in the policy effective date.

Certificate of Insurance amounts will vary, based on whether alcohol has been approved to be served at the event.

The Lexington Two Board of Trustees must be named by the Certificate Holder as follows: Board of Trustees, Lexington County School District Two, 715 Ninth Street, West Columbia, 29169

Renters without a current policy may contact an independent insurance company of their choice that is licensed in South Carolina.