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District Strategic Plan

Following are the district's six Strategic Priorities.


A one-page flyer of the Strategic Plan is included below. The flyer also reiterates the district’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Beliefs Statement. You may find those by statements by clicking this link.

Priority 1: Excelling Academically

We will provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum that results in high-quality classroom instruction. Teachers, engaging in professional learning communities, will monitor student progress toward proficiency and collaboratively develop opportunities to extend all students’ learning. Accelerated learning opportunities through the Lex2 Launch program and an emphasis on supporting our Multilingual Learners will enhance students’ growth in the classroom.

Priority 2: Supporting Students

We will continue to implement systems of support to ensure students have the tools, resources, and services needed to succeed. School teams comprised of a variety of professionals will regularly meet and monitor academic performance, school attendance, and behavioral data to individualize plans for students needing additional support and recognize those who are succeeding. 

Priority 3: Preparing Graduates

We will raise the district’s graduation rate through consistent monitoring of students’ classroom performance, daily attendance, and progression toward graduation requirements. Structured academic interventions will provide an added layer of support for students needing extra time and instruction to learn course content. Through strategic scheduling, expanding course oerings, and providing exposure to college and career opportunities, students will graduate prepared for their career, the military, or college. 

Priority 4: Recruiting and Retaining Employees

We will combat continued hiring challenges by recruiting candidates from around the country. Incentives such as signing bonuses, an Employee Assistance Program, and assisting teachers with obtaining needed certifications will help draw talent to Lexington Two. Once hired, we will use mentoring models, cohort learning opportunities for first- and second-year teachers, employee recognition programs, and our Professional Learning Communities framework to support and retain high quality employees.

Priority 5: Engaging Our Communities

We will increase engagement opportunities for our school communities, who continued to support us through the challenges of the pandemic. By providing volunteer opportunities in welcoming schools, creating stakeholder advisory groups at the school and district levels, maintaining open and direct lines of communication, and carrying out a marketing plan, the communities we serve will be able to contribute to the great things happening inside our buildings by understanding our goals and expectations. 

Priority 6: Engaging Our Communities

We will continue to provide state-of-the-art facilities, including a brand new Performing Arts Center, that provide students and sta with safe, flexible, and conducive learning environments. Technology, transportation, and facilities will continue to be upgraded to meet expanding needs. 

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