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Technology Integration Resources

Summer PD
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These resources are intended for viewing by Lexington Two faculty and staff.  You must be logged into Google with your Lex2 email login to access these materials.  This also has the session video from the August 21st Lex2 Learn session for hybrid teachers.  This will open a Google Slide presentation in "present mode" to activate the links in the table of contents and on the slides.
Building a Strong Foundation Together!
As technology coaches for Lexington Two, we want to help you get the most out of your activities with students.  Technology is the tool that can help you have a greater impact on student achievement and growth.  Integrating technology into your classroom activities can seem overwhelming.  There are so many different kinds of activities and tools, and what if something goes wrong?!?  We are here to help :-)  We feel that focusing on a few powerful programs and strategies will bring much-needed stress relief by allowing you to gain confidence and mastery.  We stand ready to help you work to integrate blended learning strategies into your classroom and implement the hybrid schedule.
Areas of Focus:
  • Blended Learning
  • Virtual Learning Tools and Strategies
  • G Suite for Education - Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom, etc.
  • Digital Collaboration and Communication - AdvancED identified collaboration and communication as an area for growth, particularly in the digital environment.  We will focus on tools and activities designed to foster more collaboration and communication.
Dedmon and Wolfe
Dr. Janet Dedmon & Dr. Bridgett Wolfe
Instructional Technology Coaches