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Report Cards


As Lexington School District Two continues to improve teaching and learning for all students, we know that parents and families are our most valuable partners. Like teachers, parents/guardians need accurate and meaningful information about students’ strengths, challenges, and performance to better understand and support their child’s learning.

To that end, Lexington School District Two is extending the use of standards-based report cards, previously used in grades 4K-2, to now include all elementary grade levels. These report cards, which Lexington Two began using for early childhood grades in 2019-2020, have been viewed by parents, families, and teachers as a positive step in better communicating what students are expected to learn at each grade level - and in providing information about their student’s work habits. In conjunction with our report cards, Lexington Two also uses proficiency scales which outline the knowledge and skills students need to demonstrate to achieve proficiency on each reported academic standard. These scales help parents/guardians understand the score reported each quarter and what specific things students need to learn and do to move toward grade-level proficiency.

For those new to Lexington Two or to standards-based report cards, the report card is different from traditional report cards to which you may be accustomed. Students in grades K-5 will not receive a letter grade for each subject, but rather will see a rating (scale of 1-4) for specific academic standards in each content area. Based on the information in the standards-based report card, additional support at home and school can reinforce the concepts and skills that students learn.


4 - Student demonstrates advanced mastery and application of grade-level content.
3 - Student demonstrates proficiency with all aspects of the grade-level standard.
2 - Student possesses foundational concepts toward achieving the grade-level standard.
1 - With help, student demonstrates partial success with score 2 and 3 skills.

Sample Report Cards