District Honor Band announced

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- Lexington Two’s Middle School Honor Band recently performed together for the first time.

The honor band, comprised of students from the district’s four middle schools, performed at a clinic March 8-9. They performed under the direction of Edna Grace, a retired band director with nearly 40 years in education.

Here are the Honor Band participants.

FLUTE: Amber Del Priore and Samara Kolb, Northside Middle; Brenda Mendez, Fulmer Middle; Cassidy Callahan, Ke'Sean Plamer,  Louis Fields, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

OBOE: Kaitlin Robinson, Northside Middle

BASSOON: Kyle Humphries, Fulmer Middle

CLARINET:   Abby Rich and Mackenzie Laskowski, Northside Middle; Adrian Beamer and Jonas Shealey, Fulmer Middle; Aiyanna Lane, Alfredo Vasquez Perez and Dior Waight,     Busbee Creative Arts Academy

BASS CLARINET:  Gaberiel Vacchio, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Madison Farmer, Northside Middle

ALTO SAXOPHONE: Audrey Williams, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Jesse Sturgess, Pine Ridge Middle; Merelin Garcia-Meta and Sawyer Redd, Northside Middle; Stephanie Bornios-Gonzalez, Fulmer Middle

TENOR SAXOPHONE: Maximus Fernandez Nunez, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Alexis Martinez-Ramirez, Northside Middle

TRUMPET: Duncan Scarborough and Evan O'Dell, Northside Middle; Ethan Jeffcoat and Kelby Kenner, Fulmer Middle; Isaiah Burton and Ramiro Reyes-Cruz, Pine Ridge Middle; Ledarius Mitchell,  Busbee Creative Arts Academy

FRENCH HORN:  Elijah Waters and Rachel Rish, Northside Middle

TROMBONE: Aiden Basham and Marvin Dyer, Fulmer Middle; Grace Lemke and Jacob Lindler, Pine Ridge Middle;  Leo Ramirez and Sean Prie, Northside Middle

EUPHONIUM: Chad Dulinsky, Fulmer Middle; Julian Millender and Madeline Sabillon Fernandez, Northside Middle; Lucy Barry, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

TUBA: Josue Soriano Cruz and Migel Culebro- Gonzalez, Northside Middle; Kevin Angele Ruiz and Mason Darazs, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

PERCUSSION: Alex Galloway,  Bradeyn Boyd, Nate Brazzell and Luke Long, Northside Middle; Michael Martin,  Fulmer Middle