Congaree Elementary students win big for achievement

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- Good grades are a strong motivator for improvement -- but so are bikes!

Congaree Elementary students in second through fifth grades have been working this semester to earn tickets and points, which counted toward an end-of-the-school-year drawing in each homeroom for two bike winners each -- one boy and one girl.

“The students have been excited about the bicycle incentive,” said Principal Jeff Becker.

Forty bikes were given away Wednesday, May 29, based on criteria designed by teachers including attendance, academic improvement in assessments,  completion of classwork and homework, and positive behavior. Contract Construction, Jumper Carter Sease Architects and MB Kahn Construction sponsored the bike incentive, while the Walmart Supercenter on Augusta Highway put the bikes together for students.

“It’s all about the kids,” said fourth-grade teacher Hannah Rohrer,  “and the kids were excited!”


Here are the winners:

Second grade

Karen Cress’ class -- Baya Green and Colton Tindall

Carolyn Lowman’s class -- Braylynn Hyler and J’Lonn English

Wendy White’s class -- Amaya Kepler and Christian Chandler

Danelle Williams’ class -- Kahna Herron and Elijah Williams

Lorri Wood’s class -- Ariana D’Elia and Leland Miller


Third grade

Amanda Barnhart’s class -- Jackie Morales-Orellana and Troy Hartley

Shelli Horabik’s class -- Faith Wright and Christopher Velazquez-Raygoza

Cheryl Myers’ class -- Zoe Brown and Mason Cribb

Katherine Tinman’s class -- Emily Crawford and Leonel Hernandez

Nikki Wojcik’s class -- Sarah Campbell and Jack VerCrouse


Fourth grade

Janette Babcock’s class -- Kaylee Cook and Joe Chaffin

Detra Brannon’s class -- Kyle Cooper and Ja’Keria Utsey

Macie Fitzgerald’s class -- Jessica Muniz-Zapata and Connor Pugh

Grace Lifer’s class -- Kyleigh Sharpe and Kayon Evans

Hannah Rohrer’s class -- Joye Booth and Cohlen Rose


Fifth grade

Jennifer Amick’s class -- MyKenzie Britner and Jacob Harmon

Beth Brooks’ class -- Estrella “Star” Agustin-Marino and Kev’von Simmons

Catelyn Coltrin’s class -- Isbella Lynch and Landon Bowers

Michelle Gundlach’s class -- Azaria Rouse and Isahia Clemons

Sherri McKelvin’s class -- Dezirae Stacy and Christian Muniz-Zapata