Lexington Two employees recognized with service awards

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Nearly 50 longtime employees of Lexington Two were recognized for their service this week.

Awards were presented for 10, 20  and 30 years of service in Lexington Two during a reception before Thursday’s monthly Board of Trustees meeting. Among the recipients, their schools and years of service:

10-year awards: Annette Ariail, Cayce Elementary; Sean Bech, Riverbank Elementary; Dawn Blaum, Springdale Elementary; Mary Lynn Burkett, Wood Elementary; Ashleigh Carpenter, Wood Elementary; Lisa Corley, Transportation; Joao Da Silva, Transportation; Debra Davis, Cayce Elementary; Melissa Drew, Saluda River Academy for the Arts; Shara Freeman, Cayce Elementary; Corey Holcombe, Pine Ridge Middle; Trina Jackson, Transportation; Tomalyn Jamison, Wood Elementary; Kayla Jennings, Saluda River Academy for the Arts; Kristie Kirkland, Wood Elementary; Lisa O'Neal, Springdale Elementary; Christi Morey, Wood Elementary; Kaitlyn Mustard, Pine Ridge Middle; Deborah Rea, Riverbank Elementary; Margaret Ross, Wood Elementary; Theodora Rumph, Transportation; Teresa Sands, Airport High; Melanie Steele, Transportation; Bryson Summers, Airport High; Krystal Toole, Saluda River Academy for the Arts; Melanie Yoder, Wood Elementary

20-year awards: Teresa Areheart, Riverbank Elementary; Chris Ash, Fulmer Middle; Tracey Cooper, New Bridge Academy; Kellie Davis, Springdale Elementary; Teresa Dunovant, New Bridge Academy; Kim Eubanks, Riverbank Elementary; Jolene Gillis,  Northside Middle; Lara Harman, Springdale Elementary; Christy Henderson, Community Education Center; Stephanie Hucks, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Allison Jeffcoat, Riverbank Elementary; Kris Kirkland, Airport High;  Julie Lott, Northside Middle; Carolyn Lowman, Congaree Elementary; Susan Pipkin, Pine Ridge Middle; Andy Posey, Fulmer Middle; Tracey Rucker, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Kathy Seibert, Riverbank Elementary; Victoria Thackston, Congaree Elementary 

30-year awards: Lisa Harmon, District Education Center; James Lindler, Pine Ridge Middle