eLearning day is here -- and why you should be confident about it

Dear Lexington Two families: 


Lexington Two’s first eLearning inclement weather makeup day is Monday, November 11.  This day will make up for the missed school day on September 5.


This eLearning day will be made up at home. No students will attend school Monday, November 11.


Flyers with information were sent home with your child early this week, discussing specifics on how the day will work. Students and teachers also have been discussing and preparing this week from the classroom. General information about eLearning has been shared since the beginning of the school year in a variety of forums, including classrooms, district websites and social media. 


This is the first time we have tried the eLearning day, as one of 15 districts across South Carolina selected to pilot this program for the rest.  Know that we will ask for feedback on how this first day goes, as we look to improve the process for all of our district schools as well as for other schools across the state.


In the meantime, here are five things to keep in mind:

  1. Even if something goes wrong at home, elementary and middle school students will still have 5 days to complete and turn in the work and high school students will still have 3 days. So if the internet or power goes out or your child just doesn’t complete the work, there is time to get it done to be counted as “present” for the day.
  2. Teachers have virtual office hours on Monday during the eLearning day and are available for your child’s questions. Your child’s teacher has shared the ways to reach him/her.
  3. Students and teachers have completed a test-run for this day back in September, with teachers showing students how to log into the system — with or without internet — and how to access and complete the work.
  4. Teachers went over that information again this week. And again, teachers will have virtual office hours Monday, if students encounter issues.
  5. There is no set time to do the work on Monday, so work it around what is most convenient for your child or family that day. 

This eLearning concept is new to all of us — students, teachers, families — so a few nerves are to be expected.  Please know that we are here to work with you. We want all of our students to learn this system and feel confident about using it now and in the future. Again,  if you have problems that you can’t work through on this first day, know that there is the 5-day safety net for elementary and middle school students, 3 days for high schoolers, to turn in the work and be counted as “present.”  Tell your child to touch base with their teachers on Tuesday to let them know how things went.


We thank our students, teachers, administrators and families for being trailblazers on this new system for the state of South Carolina.  We will be gathering feedback in coming weeks about how things went and look forward to hearing from you.


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