A message from our Superintendent

To our Lexington Two families:

Senseless tragedy creates an overwhelming sadness. This sadness is compounded when a child is involved. Educators choose a profession that requires emotional bonds with children. The ability to build a relationship with a child is an educator’s greatest gift, but it results in a broken heart when we lose that child all too soon. This was certainly the case with our Springdale Elementary first-grader Faye Swetlik.

In Lexington Two, our school system is small enough to be blessed with a family and community mentality. When one hurts, we all hurt. Today, we all hurt. One does not necessarily have to be a parent to realize the true loss of a small child, one gone all too soon.

There are no words of wisdom or empathy that are sufficient at times like this. However, please know that this child was loved by Lexington Two, as are all of the nearly 8,900 others.

You, your children, and especially those closest to Faye, are in our thoughts.


Dr. William B. James Jr.