Communicating with families about positive COVID-19 cases

To Our Lexington Two Families:


DHEC is now providing a weekly school report that includes for every school both cumulative and rolling 30-day counts of confirmed COVID-19 cases among students, teachers and faculty members. This information is updated on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.


Here is the DHEC school cases link:


As we have done since the closing of schools in mid-March, Lexington Two is monitoring its data on COVID and following health, safety and medical guidance from CDC, DHEC, SC Department of Education, and other organizations and agencies as we make important decisions about school. While we continue to use masks, social distancing, and other health and safety measures in our schools and facilities throughout the school day, we ask for your help at home in following these kinds of practices aimed at reducing the spread of COVID, so that we all are doing our part to reduce exposure to COVID and stay in school.


In the event of a positive COVID-19 case in our schools,  we will follow DHEC guidelines, which are attached with this story. Here is a summary:


Q: What happens when a student or staff members tests positive?

A: When a student or staff member in one of our schools tests positive for COVID-19, we will exclude that person from school and begin contact tracing immediately. 


As part of that contact tracing, if your student has had direct exposure (close contact for more than 15 minutes within less than six feet) to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, you will receive a phone call from the school nurse,  followed up by a letter or email with details. 


If your student has been in a classroom setting but farther than six feet from an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, you will receive a letter or email from the school nurse. We also will continue to monitor for possible symptoms within that classroom over the next 14 days, after the last known exposure to the person who tested positive for COVID-19, and ask that in this situation you monitor your child at home as well.


Q: What should a parent/guardian do if their student or another member of their household tests positive for COVID-19? 

A: Call your child’s school nurse or school administrator immediately. If you receive those positive test results after school closes or on the weekend, contact your school principal or assistant principal by email. Their email addresses are posted on the Staff Directory on each school’s website.


Q: What will the district do?

A: After learning of a positive test of a student, the district nurse will send contact information for that student to the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. The district nurse also will help determine the quarantine period of a student whose family member tests positive. School staff will also send DHEC the names and contact information of other students or staff who have had close contact (direct exposure of more than 15 minutes within less than six feet) to the individual with the positive test. You will be contacted by your child’s school nurse, followed up by an email with further instructions.


Q: What will my child need to do?

A: If your child tested positive, your child will stay at home for at least 10 calendar days. If your child tested positive, his/her school-age brothers, sisters or other students in your home will also stay at home. Your child’s teacher will follow-up with you and/or your child about instruction. 


Q: When can my child return to school?

A: Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate until 10 days have passed since symptoms started and 24 hours have passed since last fever without taking medicine to reduce fever, and there’s been an overall improvement in symptoms. Those who test positive by a PCR (mouth or throat swab) test or similar viral test but do not have symptoms will be required to stay out of school until 10 days after the specimen was collected. 


*Note: Some people may be required to extend the isolation period to twenty (20) days. Their doctor will need to determine if this is necessary. 


Q: What happens if the district decides to shift a classroom, grade level or school from face-to-face instruction to e-learning instruction only, due to positive COVID cases?

A: If the district makes a decision to shift a classroom, grade level or school from face-to-face instruction to remote instruction, parents/ guardians and staff will receive notification by email, phone call or other method as soon as possible. This is why keeping your contact information up to date is so important.  We will contact you using email or phone numbers kept in PowerSchool and used in Blackboard. If you are unsure whether the contact information on file with the school is correct, please contact the school at your earliest convenience to check on it.



Keep in mind that due to privacy laws (FERPA and HIPAA), we are unable to share the name or any other identifying information of a student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19.