Introducing Lex 2.0: Your district information source on COVID

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- The coronavirus and its impact continue to evolve and lead school districts, local, state and federal entities, and the global community into uncharted territory, even with the rollout of a new vaccine.  

As Lexington Two continues to work at providing a meaningful and safe learning experience to our students, we are also working on ways to improve upon our communication efforts and make such efforts and related resources easily available to any individual.  

With the pandemic having greatly impacted another school year -- resulting in the creation of a Virtual Academy and a very different in-person learning experience -- it is easy to characterize what is transpiring as  "not normal."  Merging the district's communication efforts and that feeling of an alternate reality, we (not so) cleverly added a tab at the top of the district's website called "Lex2.0."

Lex2.0 will have communications and resources related to learning and operating during the pandemic.  If you are wondering whether there are changes or new district announcements you may have missed, please report to Lex2.0 at the top of the district's website.

For any suggestions about what could be added to Lex2.0, please email Dawn Kujawa, Public Information Officer, at