Survey: Does your school offer a welcoming and positive climate?

Each year, parents/legal guardians are asked to complete a formal survey for the school report card that contributes to the overall school rating. However, we often don't receive those results until after the school year has concluded. 

We are tasked with gathering interim data as an in-between measurement to track progress toward school and district goals. This “pulse check” gives us a quick look at how we're doing at providing a welcoming school environment and fostering a positive school climate. The data will be broken out by school, and each building will use the average rating to report their progress as part of their annual spring update to their school plan.

To this end, we have created a 3-question survey, focused on how your school is doing in providing a welcoming environment and fostering a positive school climate. Click on this link to access the survey.

Please share your feedback with us by the end of the day on Friday, February 23.

Thank you for your support of Lexington Two schools.