Nearly 100 middle, high school musicians selected for prestigious band honors

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- Nearly 100 middle and high school musicians were honored with selections to prestigious groups.


Eighty-eight students have been selected to perform in the Lexington Two Honor Band Clinic, while 11 students were selected to All Region Band.


Details about both honors follow below.


Lexington Two Honor Band Clinic


The Honor Band Clinic, in its fifth year,  includes 39 middle schoolers and 49 high schoolers Middle school musicians were selected based on auditions hosted earlier this year, while high school musicians were selected based on the director's recommendation. 


Students in the middle and high school honor bands will have the opportunity to work with two master educators, Edna Grace and Alyssa Haley. While working with clinicians,  students only have 10 hours to prepare for the concert, set for April 12, said Hunter Reese, band director at Busbee Creative Arts Academy who works with the Honor Band Clinic program.


“This is such a wonderful opportunity for our students as it shows the ‘real-world’ application of concepts that are being taught in class,” Reese said. 


Following are members of the Lexington Two Honor Band Clinic:



Flute: Miyah Smith and Charlotte Wojcik, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Kyra Williams, Pine Ridge Middle School; Jade Jackson, Fulmer Middle School

Clarinet: Nathan Boulet, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Arwyn Simmons, Bianca Adams, Northside Middle School; McKenzie Beamer, Makaila Redmond, Fulmer Middle School

Bass Clarinet: Jacob Shealy, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Alto Saxophone: Mackenna Maddox and KyNori Pittman, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Ariana D’Elia, Fulmer Middle School; Cameron Geiger, Pine Ridge Middle School

Tenor Saxophone: Preston Lord, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Baritone Saxophone: J’Shon Moore, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Trumpet: Elaine Broadus, Raelynn DeRouen, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Jaylen Bowman, Fulmer Middle School; Tahila Redd, Pine Ridge Middle School

French Horn: Naomy Baez Cortez, Northside Middle School

Baritone: Lincoln Pettus, McKenzie Stephenson, Fulmer Middle School; Bryan Rimer, Pine Ridge Middle School

Trombone: Jack Fenech, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Tuba: Kieara Thomas, Pine Ridge Middle School; Maziah Battle, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Mallets: Shee Say, Genevive Dalencourt, Busbee Creative Arts Academy; Zavier Hammond, Fulmer Middle School

Snare: Christopher Juarez Galiardo, Mairin Taj Linnell, Abram Salley, Kai Turner, Pine Ridge Middle School; Andrew Thompson, Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Timpani: Lillie Lovette, Northside Middle School


Flute: Madalyn Furtick, Madison Tackman, Sebastian Garcia, Breana Huerta, Airport High School; Andrew Roberts, Brookland-Cayce High School

Clarinet: Abigail Murillo, Haley Pateja, Chloe Menefee, Airport High School; James Rougeau, Maria De La Cruz-Lopez, Brookland-Cayce High School

Bass Clarinet: Gavin Pareja, Airport High School

Alto Saxophone: Ryan Knight, Vanessa Belteton, Sawyer Redd, Brookland-Cayce High School; Mackenzie Burns, Ray Carpenter, Airport High School

Tenor Saxophone: Chris Webb, Donovan Norris, Brookland-Cayce High School

Bari Saxophone: Preston Hamlet, Brookland-Cayce High School

Trumpet: Serenity Robbins, Frank Harrison, Airport High School; Eh Eh, Brookland-Cayce High School

French Horn: Allicen Caulder, Marleen Reyes-Cruz, Airport High School

Trombone: Sonia Robinson-Riley, Airport High School; Keegan Covington, Brookland-Cayce High School

Baritone: Brezlin Smith, Givyn Dyer, Airport High School

Tuba: Jonathan Ramirez-Bautista, Clarissa Irby, Airport High School

Percussion: Jeniya Kitchen, Hannah Harmening, Melody Goodman, Lexxie Standridge, Jeremy Epperson, Mike Slocum, Mackenzie Joiner, Airport High School; 

William Bautista, Xander Derrick, Cole Derrick, Jorge Romero-Vargas, Kenneth Carmichael, Brookland-Cayce High School

Piano/ Synth: McKenzie Boatwright, Brookland-Cayce High School

Timpani: Bryce Loughery, Brookland-Cayce High School


SCBDA’s Region Band

Eleven Lexington Two musicians have been selected for Region Band by the South Carolina Band Directors Association.

The following middle and high school students were selected by audition. They worked with and were taught by guest clinicians prior to the Region Band concert held last month.

Airport High School

Kelby Kenner: Senior Clinic Region Band (Trumpet)

Jonathan Ramirez-Bautista: Clinic Region Band (Tuba)

Gavin Pareja: Clinic Region Band (Bass Clarinet)

Brookland-Cayce High School

Donovan Norris: 10th Grade Clinic (Tenor Sax)

Bryce Loughery: 9th Grade Clinic (Timpani)

Vanessa Belteton: 10th Grade Clinic (Alto Sax)

Andrew Roberts: 10th Grade Clinic (Flute)

Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Nathan Boulet: Region 2 Band (9th Chair, Clarinet)

Fulmer Middle School

Lincoln Pettus: 8th Grade Euphonium

McKenzie Beamer: 8th Grade Clarinet

Northside Middle School

Arwyn Simmons: Clarinet