Student Services has a new home

Lexington Two's Office of Student Services has moved to a new location.
The department, which handles zoning and attendance questions, residency, discipline issues and more, is now at the Lexington Two Community Center (formerly BC Grammar School No. 1), 114 Hook Ave., West Columbia.
Office hours are 8 am-4:30 weekdays.
The phone number, once set up and operational, will be (803) 739-3141, and fax (803) 739-3142.  Send email inquiries to




Question:  What paperwork do I need to enroll my student?

Answer:  One proof from each category below is required.

Category A

  •   Tax receipt showing both property and dwelling are in Lexington School District Two
  •   Mortgage receipt or bill
  •   Rental lease or agreement or a notarized letter from the landlord (must include the rental property address and the landlord/rental agency's contact address and phone number)

Category B

  •   Cable television bill
  •   Telephone bill
  •   Gas/electric bill
  •   Water/sewer bill
  •   Official federal government documents

Question:  What if I live with someone else and the lease/mortgage and utilities are in his/her name?

Answer:  You will need to come to the Office of Student Services to complete a Statement of     Residency.  Please bring the resident with you.  In addition, the resident will need to bring his/ her proofs (one from Category A and one from Category B).


Question:  I need to enroll a student but I’m not the parent or legal guardian.  How do I enroll the child?

Answer:  You will need to contact the Office of Student Services to set up an appointment and to discuss particulars of the situation, as each are different.  Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to write a State Affidavit to grant or sign over Educational Rights.


Question:  I have been displaced from my home and do not have the proofs of residency required to enroll my student; OR  I have been evicted from my home and have had to move; OR I have had to flee from my home due to a domestic violence issue.  What can I do?

Answer:  Please call or come to the Office of Student Services in order to complete a McKinney Vento Evaluation Sheet.