Families: We need your help on Impact Aid forms

Lexington Two schools need your help.

The district is applying for federal Impact Aid Funds for our schools, which are given based on the number of students with federal connections, such as the military and the federal government. It includes students who meet any ONE or MORE of the following criteria:

  • Children of active duty uniformed services personnel
  • Children who live on federal property
  • Children whose parents work on federal property

The federal funds granted through this program become part of Lexington Two’s general operating budget and are a critical source of maintaining high standards for educational excellence.

The information on the forms provided here is confidential. It is available only to school officials and will be used solely to complete our request for Impact Aid funds under Title VII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Please complete a separate survey form for each school-aged student in your household who meets any of the criteria above.

The deadline to return this form to your child’s school is December 7, 2018. English and Spanish language forms are attached here.

Questions? Please speak with a member of your school’s front office staff.

Attached Files