Cayce Elementary student wins Future Chef competition

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A fifth-grade Cayce Elementary student is the winner of the district's 8th Annual Future Chef competition.


Alexandria Neal-Guetchkov was the top chef in a field of 16 finalists -- fourth- and fifth-graders representing the district's elementary schools in the March 7 event.


Students prepared Mexican dishes, which were judged by a panel of three. Alexandria's winning dish was a grilled chicken with black bean salad and lime cream sauce.


In addition to Alexandria, other finalists and their schools were:


Cayce Elementary: Camilla Salas

Congaree Elementary: Sophia Barfield, Harrington Lowman

Riverbank Elementary: Larson Blackhurst, Savannah Boynton, Pachae Butler, Marydavis Hollman, Hope Martin, Andrew Roberts

Saluda River Academy for the Arts: Janiya Wiggins, Mason Williams

Springdale Elementary: James Baldwin, Allicen Caulder

Wood Elementary: Skylar Branham, Taylynn Stanfill, Daisha Ward, Alexis Wiggins


The cook-off was held at the Lexington Two Innovation Center.