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Welcome to the Lexington School District Two Transportation Department Website. School Bus
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about bus transportation for your student.
 The Ride 360 app that Lexington School District Two uses to provide our families with student transportation information will be retired in May 2024, and an updated app will now be available to all users. This new app, My Ride K-12, can be downloaded now in the Apple and Android app stores.
 You must download the new app to access updated transportation information for your student(s). Usernames and passwords from Ride 360 will carry over into My Ride K-12. Additionally, you can use your existing log-in information to access a web version of My Ride K-12 at

Sign up today for the Traversa My Ride K-12 App.
Parents/guardians and students can access their bus stop location, route, and pick-up times.
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The Sex Offenders Mapping Program from Lexington County Sheriff's Department: