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Pay days will be the 15th & 30th of each month.  When pay day falls on a holiday or weekend, employees will be paid on the last workday prior to the holiday or weekend.  Salary, insurance premiums, etc. are each divided equally between each pay check of the month.  (See below information for payroll periods & dates.)
Beginning July 1, 2014, the District mandates that our employees have their checks deposited directly into their personal bank accounts of any participating financial institution through our Automatic Deposit feature. Enrollment in Direct Deposit requires the employee to sign an authorization form specifying the bank where the deposit will be sent and submission of a voided check (if available) with account number and routing information. Employees may choose to divide their paycheck into more than one bank account. The Direct Deposit Authorization form is available from the District's Payroll Department or may be printed at . It can be located on this page under Forms.