Instruction » Title III/ESOL


Artwork by Kyaw Klu
12th grade English Learner and Art Student at BCHS
Welcome to Lexington District Two
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an educational approach in which English Language Learners (ELLs or ELs) are instructed in the use of the English Language and provided academic assistance in order to become successful.  Lexington Two has ESOL services in all of our schools.
School Forms
Bus Information     Información del autobús
Bus Stop Locator and School Zone Information
Video Camera            English    Español
Enrollment     Inscripción
Enrollment Forms:      English    Español
Proof of Residency:    English    Español
School Fees:                   English    Español
Discipline     Disciplina
Elementary               English    Español
Middle                         English    Español
High School              English    Español
Zero Tolerance          English    Español
Student Bullying        English     Español
Medical     Medical
Assisting Students with Medications Part I               English   Próximamente
Assisting Students with Medications Part II               English    Próximamente
Permission for School Medications Part I        English    Español
Permission for School Medications Part II       English    Español
Medicaid Consent Form                                   English     Español
Medicaid Notification                                         English      Español
Students with Special Health Care Needs       English     Español
Cell Phone     Celulares
Elementary and Middle Cell Phone Discipline  English    Español
        High School Cell Phone Discipline             English     Español
Photographs     Fotografías
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act                    English    Próximamente
Technology     Tecnología
Technology Use Policy                                               English    Próximamente