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Lex2 Launch is a districtwide acceleration program designed to serve the unique needs of state-identified gifted and talented students and other academically advanced learners through coursework that requires more complex understanding and application of academic content, while developing students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Mission Statement
The mission of Lex2 Launch is to support gifted and talented learners in developing their potential by providing an accelerated learning opportunity with intellectual peers through rigorous understanding and application of core content material.

Lex2 Launch uses curriculum acceleration to prepare students for eventual participation in dual-credit courses such as Early College and Advanced Placement courses.  While keeping students at their home school with their grade-level peers, providing a separate class or intensive programmatic services allows for matching the rigor and complexity of the curriculum with the readiness and motivation of the student.  Research has shown that accelerated learners outperform non-accelerated peers academically when compared longitudinally (Steenbergen & Moon, 2011).
Grades K-2
As part of their weekly rotation, students attend a class designed to develop their thinking and reasoning skills through activities and challenges.
Grades 3-5
Students are scheduled into accelerated reading and math courses with curriculum based on strategies and resources for gifted learners.  These courses emphasize taking grade-level standards deeper to develop students' conceptual understanding and ability to transfer information to new situations.
Grades 6-8
Students are scheduled into advanced core content classes that ultimately prepare them for taking English I and Algebra I for high school credit during their 8th grade year.  Students also have opportunities to earn additional high school credits (fine arts and computer science) while in middle school.
Grades 9-12
Both high schools offer Advanced Placement courses (College Board) and Dual Enrollment courses (Midlands Tech) which can result in earning college credits during high school.  Students also have multiple pathways to nationally recognized certifications through the Lexington Two Innovation Center.